family photo metal art prints Something Promised was born out of my desire to capture and preserve my own family’s precious moments and accomplishments and to also share these with my family members.

I am a wife and mother of three amazing and each uniquely different children.  I dedicated most of my married life to raising and educating my kids. When my oldest child was born, my inherent artistic  creativity kicked in and I began documenting my children’s lives through photography and journaling in unique, multimedia, dimensional methods that, I hoed, would withstand time. I wanted these works to be meaningful and heartwarming. Most importantly, I wanted my descendants to have tangible keepsakes that they could pass down through many generations.

As my family has grown, my  methods have evolved.  I began exploring texture through digital photo editing, in hopes of creating a more vintage look. I then began adding meaningful captions, quotes, custom text, lyrics, and scripture that aligned with the moments captured.  As my methods became more sophisticated and elaborate my investment in equipment and supplies grew…and so did my fascination and excitement!

My proprietary method combines textures, technology and archival ink that will last for decades. We all have computers full of photos we seldom view.  We may have boxes of photos stashed away; photos we haven’t seen in years since it is too difficult to dig them out. My greatest fear was losing my family’s ‘electronic’ moments to a computer crash; my pictures to yellowing or the elements.  I now have a ‘Wall of Moments in Time’.  It brings me joy and peace of mind every day; I know my children and their children will look at these same moments and experience the warmth and joy I feel today.

I love creating artful, lasting keepsakes, documenting everything from monumental events to family portraits to sweet moments we were fortunate to catch.   I am so blessed to say that now my designs are found in many homes and businesses throughout the greater San Diego area and the country.

I would be so honored to help you preserve any photo or document in a meaningful, unique and lasting manner that others will admire, and you and your family members will cherish for years to come.