Favorite Photographers

Here is a list of some fantastic photographers that you can hire to take your photos and they will order any of your photos as a Custom Metal Art Print or other art product we can develop for you.

[Amy Casson Photography]

Amy Casson Photography – A few words about Amy, in her own words…

all about me…

Here is where I am supposed to tell you how much I love photography and how much it inspires my life…

But really, every day is its own….so instead, here are some things that can give me the feeling that TODAY is SPECIAL… and photography, well, it’s a really cool way to “catch” those “special feelings” and hang on to them.

What I love, love, love….

the sound of a train, glow in the dark nail polish, a crisp autumn breeze, eskimo kisses, a long drive with the windows down, great music that is REALLY loud, funky clothes, Stevie Nicks, hayrides, country roads and fireflies, freshly laundered sheets, dancing on the furniture with my girls, giggles – oh how i love giggles, spending time with old friends, when someone gives you goosebumps, a candy bar and soda pop ;-)

What I could do without… helping with homework, long lines, people that are unfair, SHOUTY CAPITALS, texting, texting, and more texting, bills, budgets and laundry, when someone isn’t tall enough to ride;-{

So this is what makes me tick (or makes my alarm go off)-

Photography….oh, I love, love, love that too…just wait and see how much fun we have!





[Valentine Studios Photo]
Valentine Studios – description of Valentine Studios goes here.




[Renee Hindman Photo]
Renee Hindman Photography-

An artist skilled at illiciting natural and raw emotions. Capable of capturing a fleeting moment, a giggle, a smile, a blink, a flash, and preserving it forever. There is something magical that happens when Renee Hindman is behind the camera. She has the ability to bring out the natural essence in your children – and your family – in the most honest of ways.

Renee’s progression to a career in newborn and childhood photography was a logical one. This mother of three, living in the beachside community of Carlsbad, California, and tenured elementary school teacher with a masters degree in education, taking photos was something she did nearly everyday. Realizing she wasn’t the only one who wanted to preserve the precious moments of childhood, Renee began to learn more about photography. About film. And light. And her environment.

In 2010, a leap of faith and the support of her family had Renee saying goodbye to a full time teaching career and following her passion of creating childhood fine art. Renee is now the photographer of choice for hundreds families throughout San Diego and Orange counties. Her canvases and photo books can be seen in homes and businesses throughout southern California. Renee’s style is as unique as she is. Raw. Natural. Honest.

So what’s next? That is what Renee challenges herself with everyday. She continues to learn more about her art so she can bring it out in the families she works with. If you’re looking for a family photographer in north San Diego county and are willing to abandon everything you’ve ever thought about traditional family photography, email Renee for an appointment.





Irish Grzanich Photography - In her words…

First off…I owe everything I am (and this business) to Jesus

I’m Irish Kristina Marie Lei-Aloha Grzanich…and no I’m not Irish, I’m Polish and Croatian. I was born in Hawaii and raised in beautiful San Diego California. I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California in August of 2008. After Graduation I spent some time working in Hollywood with some of the top photographers in the Celebrity and Advertising industry. It was an amazing experience but the continuous long hours and busy lifestyle wasn’t for me — I knew there was something else for me out there. I fell into shooting weddings after some friends needed a photographer for their upcoming nuptials. I instantly fell in love with it and knew I wanted to make a living out of it….

The other side to my photography, is my dream to take it out into the nations and lead workshops in under-developed countries to help children use it as a form of self-discovery. It’s about the process of creation that we begin to find ourselves in. For these kids, it won’t be about forming a career in photography, but an experience when someone spent time with them encouraging to find the gifts inside themselves.

For the last 2 years I have been blessed with a full-time job teaching photography at the Fusion Academy in Solana Beach, CA. I have been able to make this dream a reality by working with students in my city and by seeing them learn to discover themselves through photography.

10% of every job I shoot is donated to a family in India I have been supporting for a few years. Personally knowing them and seeing how each wedding has contributed to changing the lives of their young daughters has been the biggest blessing.

Your wedding will help me partner in continuing making these dreams come true.

email: irish@irishgrzanich.com